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Throwback Thursday

on September 5, 2013

I have always loved writing stories. The first story I remember writing was when I was about four – six years old. It was only five or six sentences and ran along the lines of most little girls stories. There was good guy, a bad guy and there was a beginning, middle and end. It involved my best friend at the time being the heroine, and I the villianess. It wasn’t much, but it was the basis of many scenes playing in my head, usually mirroring whatever genre I was the most into at the time. for example, I was big into R. L. Stine horror books and so I wrote a few books involving vampires, banshees and things of that nature. In junior high my best friend and  I are obsessed with Archie comics so we wrote a lot of fan fiction. We had it down to an art! We matched up all the characters (and not pairings that were obvious either. I.e. Betty and Jughead) and after we finished the story, we even emailed each other the notes of the stories so they would still correspond, but be in the other characters perspective instead. I know, right?

So for this Throwback Thursday, I would like to Throwback one of my stories. There are no edits, and completely from my junior high self. (I’d also like to mention that my stories are in my Babysitters Club Journal – Classic child of the early nineties). Enjoy.

Betty Cooper

Hi! This is me Betty Cooper. You know the cute blonde in Riverdale? I thought you would remember.

Now that we’re reacquainted let me tell you what has happened in my life. First, I graduated Riverdale High and started dating again after a horrible breakup with Jon, my former datee. I cried for about a week. About in the middle Jughead came and told me that Jon was a real fool for dumpling me. I thanked Juggie. And for the first time in his life, Jughead kissed me. Right on the cheek. The first kiss in his life! I was so excited. Jughead was into girls! This was the chance to really grab him.

“Juggie?” I asked him in my most sexiest voice. “I’m ordering five large pizzas. Would you like to stay for dinner?”

“Would I!” Jughead answered, his voice just starting to change.

I was so happy! Jughead was staying over for dinner! The book Big Ethel wrote really worked! But what about when college started? I had been accepted almost to all the Universities in Riverdale county. But where was Jughead going? I wanted to go to the same one that he was going to. I had to ask him tonight.

35 minutes had gone by after I ordered it. Archie, as usual was late again.

As we were eating, I brought the subject up. “So, Jughead. What college are you going to?”

“Riverdale University. What else? Besides, Archie’s going there, I gotta be close to my buddy you know.”

“Of course. How could I forget Archie? That backstabbing son-of-a…. By the way, you know this is such a coincidence. I’m going to R.U. Too”.

“Really? You know I hear that the whole gang was going there. Except Dilton. He had to go to Oklahoma”.

Okay, enough with the talking. Let’s get to the good business.

R.U. was pretty amazing. I was in a room with MIdge and Ronnie.

One night Jughead came to my dorm and asked if I could put on a fancy dress and be ready in five minutes. I couldn’t imagine what he was doing so I played along.

I met him downstairs. I was so surprised! He was in his tux. He knelt down and took my hand.

“Omigosh!” I though. “He’s going to propose!”

“Betty, ” He started to say as tears rolled down my cheeks. “Ever since I’ve known you I’ve always been in love with you. Even though I looked like I didn’t, I did. Betty Cooper, will you be mine for ever?”

“Of course I will, Juggie! But not until we graduate.”

“Fine with me.”

It took about two more years to graduate and six months later we got married. I began working as a vet and Juggie and I moved to a big farm with an 1000 acre field space. We also have milllions of animals for my practices. Oh and I talk to the gang but usually I’m at my clinic.

Just yesterday we had our school reunion. It was great to see friends and enemies. I was surprised to see that most of the gang married other people from R.U.

Now I am alone at the age of 60. Poor Juggie died. He died by eating himself to death. I guess he died the way he wanted to. It was his favorite thing to do – even when he was a kid.

Here is where I must end my story. That was my life after 16. I have no more to tell. Goodnight.




One response to “Throwback Thursday

  1. LOVE!!!!!!!!! And so sorry I’m only catching up on your posts now! But glad I can read this at a relaxed pace now!

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