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Throwback Thursday

on August 15, 2013

This Throwback Thursday isn’t about me, per se, but I was involved and maybe the reason why this story is often told during family get-togethers. When you grow up on a farm, you really need to use your imagination to keep you entertained – especially in the summer. So throughout July and August, my brother and I would put on shows. It worked out well, actually. We kept busy planning and practising, my grandparents were entertained as we put on the show and we always had a willing audience!

One day, Steven decided he was going to do a magic/science trick. He was always fascinated by this stuff as a kid and had lots of science books in his room – he LOVED to do experiments and just see how things worked. This trick involved an egg and showing off how if you squeeze it from end to end it would not break. However, I was to be the assistant and he was going to hold the egg over my head. I wasn’t really thinking about what could happen, but I was just mad that I was constantly the assistant. I mean, wasn’t it my turn to do the magic trick yet?

There was a heated debated which ended in me refusing to do the ‘show’ with him. I was going to do my own show instead. This just meant following him around and doing exactly what he was doing. We walked into the house to grab a raw egg and went back outside. Steven went up the walk, “Gramma! Gramma! I have a trick! Come watch” and I waited on the deck to see what he would do so I could quickly copy it.

He went into his magician’s spiel about the strength of the egg and showed how it wouldn’t break. Then he lifted the egg over his head and….CRACK! He didn’t quite hit the egg end to end and it broke all over his head. The shock on his face was hilariously indescribable as the egg whites and yolk slowly dripped onto the sidewalk (he was bending over).

I think this was one of Gramma’s favourite stories to tell. I can only imagine how how hard it was for her not to laugh until she got back into the house as Steve came back into our house to clean off. It was also the last show he put on, sadly.


My brother and I one summer…before we grew up and stopped getting along.


One response to “Throwback Thursday

  1. I don’t think I’ve heard this one before! Classic!

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