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Throwback Thursday

on August 8, 2013

I hate bugs. Hate them. I’m especially scared of spiders. So you can imagine how fun it is to live on a farm when there are bugs everywhere (not literally, but you know what I mean). There’s a few stories my family loves to tell that include my frightened self and creepy crawlies of the arachnid kind. The one that is most popular invovles my grandpa.

Because my grandparents lived in the same yard as we did, I did a lot with them. One summer, Grandpa decided our shed needed to be painted. I loved helping to paint so when I saw him down in the yard, I decided I would go help, too. He got a paintbrush ready for me and filled an old tobacco tin with some green paint and I got to work.

The only problem was the area we were painting faced South, got really warm in the afternoon, and was were all the creepy crawlies liked to bask in the heat. Such was the case that day. All the daddy long-legs had crawled into the crevices between the wood and so everytime I swiped my brush in there, they would all crawl out. When that would happen, I would scream and drop my wet paint brush into the dirt in front of the shed. So then Grandpa would have to pick it up, take it over to the gas tanks and wash it off so I could start again. Five more times or so this happened. Dip paint brush, see spider, drop paint brush, clean off and start again. Repeat.

Finally, Grandpa had about enough of my nonsense and kindly let me know I was fired. *Cue dramatic breaking-heart here*. I cried and cried and cried. I made my way to the house and when mom saw me asked in a very concerned way what was wrong. As I am standing in the entryway and mom upstairs by the bathroom looking down at me I said, “Grandpa fired me!”. It was hard for her not to laugh and is now a story that is shared many times. And as I got older, I received many more chances to go painting with Grandpa…without getting fired.


My Gramma and Grampa with me at my Aunt and Uncle’s house one Christmas.


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