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The fine line of blogging

on May 20, 2013

My blog is where I go to let go of my negative energy. If I feel something weighing me down, a good blog post usually does the trick and I feel a great weight has lifted. Sometimes, there’s a fine line with what I write and the effect it has. I’m well aware of who has access to my blog (everyone), and so sometimes I find myself struggling with writing what I actually want to write and what comes out. I try and be as respectful as I can when I write a topic that includes the people in my life. I try to be general, and not mention anyone specifically. It’s hard. Because the blog is “All of Me” and sometimes I feel like that’s not the case at all. It’s a part of me that I allow the outside world to see. It’s not always the part of me that struggles with the relationships between, my parents, in-laws, husband, or friends; it’s not always the whole truth as I deal with infertility because sometimes it includes specific people that I am afraid would have their feelings hurt; and it’s not always about situations that really nag at me for fear of someone in that situation would find out. I don’t want to burn the bridges I’m building, but at the same time I find I’m also building walls. Walls I thought that were crumbling are becoming reinforced again and I feel myself spinning, sometimes uncontrollably, back to where I was before this journey. So I ask, what’s worse? Letting those people know what I really think? Or hiding who I am to appease the masses?


3 responses to “The fine line of blogging

  1. Carrie Gross says:

    Always be true to yourself. Although I struggle with this same issue with my circle of friends, aquaintence and family, and is in fact a big part of why I do my own blog, I sense that you do your blog in an effort to, as you put it, ” tear down and crumble the walls” you put around yourself. If that’s true then I don’t believe that you ever need to let other people sensor your words. You are speaking the truths of your heart. Anyone who loves you, and truly wants what’s best for you will be supportive and will appreciate and respect your honesty. You are so courageous, beautiful and talented. Of course it’s odd for me to be saying all of this being the giant chicken I am lol. Honestly Jennifer, if you are honest, yet have compassion you will be fine, after all, you just can’t live your life in fear of what others might say.

    • fitzsimonds says:

      you have a blog? How did I not know this? Link, please!

      • I have tried a few times to start a blog but don’t actually have one that works. I’ve signed up for 3, (I think) different blog sites, including I believe, this one. I can not seem to get it to work though. I will keep trying and you will be the first one I send a link to! There actually is a typo in here though LOL I meant to say that it was a big part of the reason that I DON’T have a blog atm… You see, I’m a HUGE chickenbutt and already tend to offend people with my own FIMD. LOL I still, as always, am your dedicated fan !!

        Maybe you can teach me. LOL you can be my proof-reader or something. 😉

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