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He’s Here! Pt. 2

on August 9, 2012

So we left off with a blissful sleep (kind of), hoping it would help the labour progress and then the doctor would check me again in the morning at about 7:30 before he went into the clinic for work. I remember checking the time everytime a contraction hit to see how long they were lasting. But as 7:30 approached I started getting depressed because the contractions seems to be easing up and were actually longer apart. I figured the drug didn’t work…again….and I would be forced to have a c-section.

Imagine my surprise when he came in and I was 6 centimeters! Wahoo! In six hours I had dilated six centimeters! Drugs work! I finally got to move into a delivery suite. I was so happy to think this was it. The nurse asked if I wanted an epidural and I immediately said yes. If the morphine helped me progress this far, imagine how much an epidural would help me! So I waddled my way into Labour Suite 4 with a new-found energy. I kept feeling that I really had to pee, though, so I went into the bathroom. Big mistake. As soon as I sat down I felt like I had to push. I was very open with my nurse and told her how I felt. She yelled at me to get back into bed and that I wasn’t allowed back in that bathroom. She checked me at I was 7 cm by then.

The anesthesiologist still hadn’t come in and the contractions were brutal. It was so hard not to push with every contraction that came. I alternated sipping Powerade and water after every contraction and intensely focused on my breathing. Ryan paced in and out of the room – I really could have cared less if he was there or not as no one was really much help for me as I went quite inward and focused on breathing more than anything. I wanted to stay as calm and peaceful as possible so really made no sounds at all.

Finally a little after 11 the anesthesiologist came in and got my epi in. It was hard as I felt like my contractions were coming a lot and he always waited until I was finished before proceeding with anything. I remember crossing my legs during the contractions to make sure I wouldn’t push. But when my epidural was in I remember a wave coming over me. The pushing sensation was dulled and I could get through things. I could manage the pain, but I found trying not to push to be the hardest thing out of everything.

I still really had to pee, though. We tried a bedpan….nothing. And labour wasn’t progressing either. I stayed at 7 cm for at least three hours. The nurse suggested a catheter and I agreed. My bladder was emptied and then within 5 minutes of that I was at 9 cm. By one o’clock I was 9.5 cm with just a little flap in the way. We tried a practise push to see how it would go. Apparently, it went well and the doctor was called in. When  he got in, the flap got moved out of the way and the pushing started. By 3 contractions baby’s head was out. But there was slight problem and the shoulders were stuck. Frantically, more nurses were called in to help, I was moved to a laying position instead of sitting and the OB on call was paged. There were two nurses on each leg and the doctor on my hips trying to get the baby out. They just kept telling me to push even when there was no contraction to help me. I remember crying that I couldn’t, but I kept doing it anyway. Two harrowing minutes later, my baby boy was whisked to the examining table with the NICU nurses checking him out. They had the manual breathing apparatus on him and everything was silent. Finally he started crying and I was so relieved. I watched, helplessly as they suctioned him and made sure everything was okay.

Nothing was wrong, thank heavens, and he got to be with his daddy as I got stitched up. at 2:06 pm, May 25, my 9 lbs 1 oz and 21 3/4 inch miracle I had been waiting so patiently for arrived and my heart has never been more full with love. I feel truly blessed.


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