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He’s Here! Pt. 1 ~ Pre-labour

on August 9, 2012

This post should have been written long ago, but things just get in the way I guess. I can’t believe my pregnancy is over and my baby boy is here! As well, I can’t believe it’s been so long since last posted. I didn’t document this last year as well as I had hoped. Oh well. I can’t just sit and watch the result of all that hard work every day now.

Anyway, my baby boy is here and just so there’s somewhere it’s been documented….Connor’s birth story:

It started May 15 at the doctor’s office. I was measuring a bit big (46 weeks at 38) so I was sent for some testing and an additional ultrasound just to make sure everything was okay. My ultrasound was set for that coming Thursday, May 17. We got into the office and the tech was joking around with us and was just starting to look at the baby. He was very straightforward and let us know that there was a lack of amniotic fluid in the womb and he needed to get another tech in just to make sure he was seeing things correctly. The second tech came in and confirmed that, yes, there was not a lot of fluid. We were informed that my doctor would be called and we would receive further instruction at the time. Only…my doctor had just left for vacation. We were sent home and told to call and make an appointment with the on-call doctor right away.

So that’s what we did. We met with another Doctor on Friday and he consulted with an OB at the hospital and said the levels weren’t dangerously low, so they wouldn’t do anything right now and wait for my regular doctor to come back before going any further. I also had a non-stress test booked for Sunday and if that showed anything to be concerned about then of course they would move a lot earlier, but we were told not to worry.

Sunday came and baby scored a perfect 10 at the biophysical and non-stress test. They talked to my doctor and decided to put me on the induction list for the 22. This was the Tuesday after the long weekend, though, so there were many women on the list. But we were penciled in and told to prepare ourselves. I have to be honest in that both my husband and I were feeling a bit panicked. There’s something to be said about knowing the potential day of birth of your little one and a huge swelling of unpreparedness just seems to wash over you.

We spent the next day and a half making plans for our dog, and my husband frantically tried to find people to take over his shifts at work. However, on Tuesday morning as we were getting ready to head to the hospital, the phone rang and our induction was cancelled. I had a standing appointment with my doctor for the next day, so was told to meet with him and we would go from there.

On Wednesday, May 23 I went to my doctor’s appointment and we finally got to talk directly about the last week’s happenings. He had finally be able to look over everything and said although fluids for baby were a bit low, it wasn’t concerning and they would probably just wait until my due date before inducing me – but wouldn’t let me go any longer. We scheduled another non-stress test for Friday. I distinctly remember him stating that of course they would much rather have me go into labour early on my own and then looked at me and asked, “feel like anything’s happening yet?”. I laughed and said, “I don’t feel close at all!”

That night however, as Ryan (my husband) and I were going to bed, he told me to roll over and I felt a small escape of fluid. I didn’t know if what I felt was real or not so I just laid there, my hear pounding. I rolled over again and the same thing happened. I kept getting up to go to the bathroom and I remember feeling mildly crampy every 20 mintues or so so finally at about 1 in the morning I got Ryan up and said that I thought we should go to the hospital.

We got into Labour and Delivery and I told the nurses what was going on. They tested and sure enough, those little leaks I felt were quite real and most definitely amniotic fluid. They checked my cervix to see if I was dilated, but I was only at maybe half a centimeter. Arg! So I was sent home and told to come back in the morning to be induced.

Morning came very quickly and we were back at the hospital. My doctor was a little late getting in so Ryan and I chilled in the induction room. I was admitted into the hospital and had the cervidil inserted. There were absolutely no signs from my body for natural labour (my cervix was still very hard and completely closed by morning), so we were warned it could take a while.Contractions started coming and many trips around the hospital was made.

Remember the Friends episode where Rachel had her baby? I felt like that. Hour after hour dragged by with no changes. I watched women come in and then go and have their babies. There was one that came in not even sure she was in labour, but having cramps and wanted to check it out. I heard a nurse say, “Yep, 4 centimeters, get her into a delivery suite!” while I was still on a hard stretcher waiting my turn.

Cervidil lasts 12 hours and so with nothing happening yet and 12 hours coming (plus my water had started leaking almost 24 hours prior and I needed antibiotics), the doctor came back to see how I was doing. Imagine my frustration when after all that time I was only at 1 centimeter! ONE!! So I got more cervidil. Only this time, it hurt a lot more. Contractions were coming every three minutes, I was exhausted, and annoyed that everyone else got to have their baby but me. I was ready for a c-section. I wanted him out any way I could. One of the nurses offered some morphine to help with the pain of the contractions and allow me to get some sleep. At the beginning I had always said I would try for a drug-free birth, but this was ridiculous. I agreed, hoping I could get at least some rest. I have to say, it felt so nice and I was able to catch a few zz’s in between contractions at least. Ryan and I set up in the induction room, waiting for the doctor again the next morning to check on progress










My last belly picture taken Thursday morning. May 24, 2012


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