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What’s in a Name?

You would think having five years to plan and prepare for children would give you a concrete idea of a name for said future brood. Wrong. I thought we had it all planned out. But now…..

When we first got married and started talking about children, my husband told me a name choice that his first born son was going to be. Like it’s that easy. I said sure, secretely hoping that we would only have girls and not have to worry about it. Fast-forward to 2012. Now that we know what we’re having (not a girl), the name is a lot more serious as we’re entering the real-deal here.

The problem is…I just don’t really like it. Sure for a couple of years it grew on me and I tried to imagine a little boy with my hubbie’s chosen name, but now it doesn’t seem to fit in my mind – or heart. I know it sounds weird, but sometimesi just get a vibe from the baby.  Add on top of our previous #1 name choice not working for me anymore, nothing else seems to work, either! We’ve gone from one name choice to six with no inkling of what will work.

I don’t know how people can so easily choose a name and that’s it no matter what. I’m so terrified of having this little boy and not knowing what to call him – ever. Will he ever have a name? Will I ever feel comfortable in the name we’ve given him? That’s a lot of added pressure for a parent, I think.

I’m hoping for an ‘aha’ moment after the delivery when I see my precious boy’s face and I just know. I’ll know, right? yeah, we’ll know.

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