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Is this for real?

on December 2, 2011

I’ve been asking myself this a lot lately. Is this for real? Can you really tell me there’s a living thing growing inside my uterus and in may I”m going to ‘pop’ it out and we’ll have the family we’ve been dreaming of for the last five years?  It is for real? I still don’t believe it.

I’ve had three ultrasounds so far. Three. The first one was at 7 weeks and we saw the heartbeat flickering. I thought I would be overcome with emotion at this miracle we were creating – nothing. Then at 10 and 12 weeks we had an ultrasound and we got a video to take home. I watch the video everyday and afterwards, when I’m done all I can think of is that it’s a complete fake and that’s not really what’s inside.

We’ve waiting so long for this to happen, I guess I’m just seriously protecting myself from the worst. But come on, mind! I’m 14.5 weeks already! It’s happening!


One response to “Is this for real?

  1. Becca says:

    It’s really happening!!!! Enjoy this time and prepare for what is going to happen in a short time because you won’t be able to relax once the little miracle arrives! 🙂 We are so happy for you!

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