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on November 18, 2011

   It’s happened! After five excruciating years, $10,000+, we have our miracle!

After the embryo transfer, I had some cheapie one dollar tests that I used every day. I had heard so many stories of IVF patients getting early positive test results (usually because of twins) and I really wanted to be one of them. But to no avail, day after day, a big ol’ negative kept glaring in my face. One night, I was feeling especially down-trodden, so I tested and then had a big heart-to-heart with Heavenly Father. It was the first time I had ever really yelled at Him, and I cried so hard. I didn’t understand my purpose on Earth if this didn’t work. I didn’t understand why things would fall in line so easily if it was for naught. When I was done, I went back into the bathroom and I saw the most beautiful thing in my life. One very very faint line – a positive! I had never seen a positive pregnancy test before – and I had taken plenty, so I tested again and there it was again.  I got my husband to buy a digital test just to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me.

What an adventure we’re about to go on.


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