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For years I have struggled with my weight. I had no idea why my body was the way it was. I knew it was partly genetics, but it was so hard growing up in a small-frame family being the size I was. My parents tried to help, but nothing I tried seemed to work.  After high school, I went on Herbal Magic (while on the pill) and managed to lose 40 pounds. I was the lightest I could ever remember and it was at the most opportune time – my wedding day. However, after the wedding, when we decided to start our family and I went off the pill, things started going down hill.

I ballooned – literally, even higher than what I originally started at before my diet. I felt awful and no matter what I tried, it didn’t work. I was frustrated because doctors blamed my eating habits, thinking I was an overeater and couch-potato. Which I’m not. I knew there was something not right.

Finally, in the wake of having to go to a fertility specialist, they suggested that I may be insulin resistant which was what was causing the weight gain and the inability to lose anything. Being insulin resistant doesn’t mean being diabetic – I have taken many diabetes tests and have always passed with flying colors. What being insulin resistant is is that your body overcompensates and makes too much insulin. It’s like your body can’t recognize what it already has so it keeps producing and that just gets immediately put on your body as fat.

So, in November, I started taking metformin to help my body balance. Since then, I have lost almost 15 pounds – without changing anything in my lifestyle. There is such relief to know that it wasn’t me causing this weight-gain. That it wasn’t my habits or what I was eating or that I wasn’t eating the right combination of foods – it was a genetic imbalance in my body. And it’s being corrected. And I’m starting to feel normal again.

Don’t just settle being bigger because that’s the way things are. Sometimes it is something else – medically – that you can change. If this sounds like you, when you eat all the right things, exercise your allotted amount and still can’t lose the pounds – look at the alternatives. Ask your doctor about it. The result is much better than feeling like a failure every time you step on the scale with nothing to show for all your hard work.

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