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on July 15, 2010

Usually, when I drive, I have Tegan and Sara blasting or the soundtrack from Glee. But a few weeks ago, I bought a CD of LDS hymns arranged by Paul Cardall. Now the reason I bought the CD in the first place, was because I bought the piano book first, and wanted to hear how the songs sounded in perfection first. Anyway, so when I have T&S or Glee blaring I’m usually singing along. But with straight piano music, it really gives me time to think on my 10/15 minute commute to work.

Randomly, I started to think of the word ‘worship’. I don’t like the word. It almost makes me uncomfortable to connotate myself with worship. When I hear that word, I think of subordinancy (is that a word?)…the whole ‘we’re not worthy’ thing. For me, worshiping something means you lower yourself to other things. If we’re lowering ourselves, why do they say we ‘worship’ God?

I don’t worship God. I love God. I think there’s a huge difference in that. Because I love him, I listen to his council, offer the advice he’s given over the years and try my hardest to make him proud of me. I am stronger and lifted because of love. In my opinion, worship makes you smaller, makes you feel unworthy. Isn’t the whole point and message is that everyone is worthy to be loved by God? Heavenly Father doesn’t want me to stoop for Him. He doesn’t want me to be less of a person to please Him. I believe that, would infact, do the opposite. He is my Father in Heaven. So when I think of that, I think of what father’s want for their children. My Father in Heaven, wants me to make good choices, me charitable, loving, a good person. And He wants us to be great – He wants us to be like Him and His son, Jesus Christ. Worshiping doesn’t allow you to be equal to that being.

Why do some Churches call their Sunday service worship, then? That’s one thing I love about my Church! I never hear the word worship in Church. We go to Sacrament, Sunday School and our meetings. There is learning, praising, testifying and loving – there is no worship. There is gratefulness of who we are and the blessings we feel of what we know. We come to Church humble, but not in the spirit of worship. I’m glad for that. I’m grateful I don’t feel less of a person before anyone else. That I can be just as great, and that my Father loves me and only wants what’s best for me in this life and the next.

I will never bow down and worship. I will only raise up and praise.


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